We Got Friends – Review

What is We Got Friends all about?

I joined We Got Friends (WGF) towards the end of February 2023, as soon as the initial “free-launch” phase opened up.

Why did I jump in so quickly? Firstly, I trust the chap who introduced me to the programme. Secondly I’ve struggled to find quality leads for my business. I’ve often been put off buying solo ads for fear of expense, and ending up with poor quality leads.

So I joined in good faith that I’d be joining a quality programme created by well respected, long time business builders and online marketers, Val Smyth and David Dubbs.

Joining during this free-launch phase I’ve been able to secure my place in their new Nitroline (powerline) system. More about that later. It’s given me the chance to have a good look round the platform from the inside out, without any further commitment on my part as yet.

Why that name for the Company?

Those of us who’ve been involved in home based businesses for a while may know so well how excited we get when we come across a new “opportunity”. In the marketing styles now much outdated, we were encouraged to talk to all our family and friends about our new fan-tab-u-lous opportunities! And remember the three foot rule?

And we more often than not ended up boring the pants off them!

Like many, when there wasn’t as much uptake as we’d hoped, we then jumped to the next latest greatest opportunity. And we carried on bombarding friends and family. And they still weren’t in the least bit interested.

So we kind of ended up in the NFL “no friends left” club!

What We Got Friends now offers us is a regular pipeline of quality leads to speak to. These are people who have already shown an interest in what we’re offering. Hence the name, because WGF has got heaps of, well, friends (leads)!

What I’ve learned from being part of the programme so far

To date, as I write this review, we’re still in our free-launch phase. Up until now we’ve been in more of a “pre-launch free-launch” if you like. Those of us who opted for our spots in the Company early on were kind of helping stress test this amazing new platform.

The message I received in my back office yesterday informs us that we’ve now entered our “Official” Free-Launch phase. This is expected to last a few more weeks, though could be shorter, or longer, so watch this space…

During this time the Company is bringing all the elements together and can begin sharing in more detail exactly what their product is (even though we already have an outline idea). They’re offering a quality product and programme, as approved by their attorneys. They’ll be able to reveal in more detail their full compensation plan and Nitroline, helping us further understand the magnitude of what they’ve been putting together!

After free-launch we then enter the “Official Pre-Launch” phase – dates to be announced soon. This is when we make our respective decisions to officially join (purchase the product) and then payments and commissions will be processed.

Personally, I will be joining officially, as I really like what I see!

What I like

There are three main problems that many of us in the online marketing world (including me) struggle with:

  1. Finding the right people to look at our business
  2. Even when we do find a few here and there, often sporadically, we don’t know how to effectively close them
  3. We struggle to show our prospects what they will be doing if they do join us. If they can’t “see” the vision of what they will be doing, they’re not likely to want to join us

We Got Friends addresses these three major problems:

  1. They will supply us with quality, qualified leads who’ve already shown interest in the niche we are offering
  2. They will close the leads for us (and teach us how to do this more effectively ourselves)
  3. Their business model is simply duplicable, so our prospects can clearly envision what they will be doing

What’s the actual product?

From what we’ve learnt so far, there are five “products” within their “product” (Diamond Package):

  1. 100 Leads every month – people already interested in MMO, home-based businesses, etc.
  2. Leads Store – yes, your own, where customers can purchase leads from you!
  3. Savings Club – save and help others save too
  4. Link in Bio – especially helpful for some of the social media platforms where we can’t add links in each post
  5. Digital Hacks Training Library – where we can learn how to market more effectively

And there are five ways to earn:

  1. 3-Tier Fast Start Bonus
  2. Matching Bonus
  3. Accelerated Dual Team
  4. Leads Store Customer Bonus
  5. Global Loyalty Bonus Pool (more about this to be announced next week)

What is the Nitroline?

I’m still learning about the Nitroline and how it all works. Basically when we secure our position in the Company, we lock in our space, and as more people join, they are placed underneath us, which helps us build our team – downlines if you like.

There are two legs to the Nitroline, left and right. When I joined, my position under my sponsor automatically placed me in a right leg. What I did from that point was to start building my left leg with my own referrals.

To begin earning commissions once WGF has officially launched, we need to have one personal referral in each leg. So as well as building my left leg, I placed some of my referrals in the right.  Then ideally what we want to do is build the shorter leg to match, or even up as best possible, the longer leg. Commissions are paid based around this model, though bear with me because I’m still learning!

There’s due to be an announcement early next week about the Company’s Global Loyalty Bonus Pool, and I think this ties in with the Nitroline in some way. Anyway I’m keen to learn more about that, and I’ll report back more when I know more.

Final (sort of) verdict

This is not quite the final verdict, obviously, as there’s still so much more to learn and experience with the new programme, so I will update in due course.

There’s nothing I actually dislike about what I’ve seen so far, and the more I learn the more eager I am to get to Launch!

This free-launch phase provides a great way to look inside the business, secure your spot in the Nitroline, without any more commitment than that. During this time, once you’re registered, you can share your own referral links and start building your own team up in prep for Launch.

We Got Friends is definitely worth a look so you can judge for yourself if it’s for you. It costs nothing at this stage, so it makes perfect sense to register asap. Once registered you’ll have access to your back office, our FB Group page and Telegram chat so you can learn more there and ask any questions you may have.

Hope this review helps.

If you’d like to find out more please visit: WeGotFriends

All the best,


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