Partnership To Success Affiliate Programme

John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success programme (P2S) is a coaching programme, ideally suited for affiliates who want to be more than affiliates and create their own digital products. It has proven to be popular over the years, and has helped numerous of John’s students create their own products and the livelihoods they envisaged.

This review isn’t about the P2S programme as such, even though it’s a great programme. The review is about the affiliate potential of promoting this programme. For us affiliates, it’s a great product to promote.

I’d actually joined another of John’s programmes before coming across this opportunity to promote his P2S Affiliate Programme. As I valued everything I’d learnt with John, it was a no brainer to start promoting this.

So why promote this programme?

It doesn’t cost you anything to become an affiliate for John. You just need to submit a few details, await his approval, and you’re pretty much set to go.

The affiliate structure offers potential of a good return, and you can even recruit other affiliates under you, and John will reward you not only with your own commissions, though commissions on their commissions. So a two-tier structure – win-win all round!

Each affiliate under you is also hard-coded (cookied) to you, so that if they then choose to purchase any other of John’s programmes, you’ll benefit from these sales too.

Key points:

  • You will be promoting a proven coaching programme
  • You’ll have triple protected commissions – only approved affiliates can promote this offer
  • There’s a proven sales process that converts at up to 20%
  • Get paid up to $3,136.50 in commissions per sale
  • 99-day hard coded follow-up email sequence (containing your affiliate link)
  • Very low refund rate – unheard of for a product at this price point
  • John has over 10 years experience as a coach. He launched his first coaching program in January 2008 and has hundreds of successful students that have generated over 8 figures in combined sales.

What I like

I really like the transparency of John’s teaching, and the ease of implementing the steps necessary to set up and get going. John Thornhill is one of the top online marketers, though he hasn’t lost sight of where he once was, and is genuinely helpful and geared towards helping others reach their success. He doesn’t offer pie in the sky promises, so you know exactly where you’re at. If you’re prepared to follow his guidance and do the work, you’ll open up a whole new world of potential.

What I dislike

There’s absolutely nothing that I dislike about this affiliate programme, nor the other programmes of John’s that I’ve come across so far.

Final verdict

This affiliate product fits in with the MMO, online marketing, internet marketing niches, etc.

If you’re an affiliate, and you’re looking for a quality product to promote that is far and above the “shiny-new-promise-the-earth-though-deliver-nothing” gimmicks often promoted, then take a look at John’s Partnership To Success affiliate programme, and consider if it fits in with your chosen niche.

All the best!


Affiliate Disclaimer: As well as personally using the above-mentioned tools, I am an affiliate for the products too. This simply means that if you were to make a purchase through any of my links, I would earn a commission. This adds no extra cost to you. And I won’t be recommending products or services that I don’t use myself.

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